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Best iPhone Apps for Travelers

Best iPhone Apps

“Grab your phone

and choose

the Best iPhone Apps

to accompany

your travel

across continents.”


Whether you’re a backpacker or a jetsetter, clever travelers should choose the  Best iPhone Apps  they need to download in their trusted mobile phone. Just grab your iPhone, tap on the application that would help you locate a famous destination, book a hotel  or check-in at the airport. Traveling has never been this easy and fun with the Best iPhone Apps accompanying you to your holiday destinations in countrysides in Europe, in sunny beaches in the Carribean or in exotic temples in Asia. With the  Best iPhone Apps, transform your travel into a worry-free experience with the Best iPhone Apps.

“Now, you don’t have to bring those bulky guide books as a single tap in your Best iPhone Apps makes a memorable travel within reach.”


Best iPhone Apps

Say Where

Say Where. Check GoogleMaps, Yellow Pages, using this reliable app makes your holiday a breeze. Lessen stress from booking your next flight, looking for places to eat or renting a car. Say Where is one of the Best iPhone Apps for those who would want to dictate their iPhones as it does everything to make your travel perfect. Just talk to your phone and it directly helps you perform a search query.



Best iPhone apps


UrbanSpoon. Set free your being a foodie with one of the Best iPhone Apps for treating your finicky stomachs. Gobble up the best food there is to taste while on vacation.  Take your travel into new heights by turning it into a gastronomic adventure. Look for the gold standard in dining in the United States, London, Melbourne, and Sydney. Simply shake your phone, watch the dials spin like an old-school slot machine, and appears the Best iPhone Apps guide to must-try local restaurants all over the world.



best iphone apps

Next Flight

Next Flight. Never be bumped out of your flight again with this free iPhone app. If you missed on that flight you booked a week ago, search through the apps list of earlier flight to beat and catch up to your favorite destination Next Flight provides you a list of available flights from all airline carriers for the current day and the two following days. Once you provide your place of origin, destination and departure date, the Best iPhone Apps lists all the available flights for the selected day from all airline carriers including their departure and arrival timings.



best iphone apps


Hear Planet. Treat yourself by using this Best iPhone Apps yet. Just like having a tour guide that would guide you, an electronic voice allows the user to locate a destination you want to cover. Simply, it is your “Audio Guide to the World,” whether you are driving, touring, or just taking a break, find out about all the places around – without stopping to read. Set aside that guide book now and take your reliable iPhone whenever and wherever you travel.



best iphone apps

Around Me

Around Me. If your surroundings become suddenly unfamiliar to you, this Best iPhone Apps is your useful friend. The app uses your current location as base location providing you updated information of the nearest banks, hotels, rent-a-car services and theme parks. This Best iPhone App lists the complete address of the place together with an easy to read map on how to get there.



best iphone apps


Sky Scanner.  One of the Best iPhone Apps for jetsetters, this app is a quick and convenient way to find and book flights from any location to any destination. This Best iPhone Apps discusses the necessary flight information, airlines and prices and then allows you a range of ways to book your selection. Compare prices from low-cost airlines to chartered flights available to your destination.  It also gives you alternative booking agents like Expedia giving you options where to book your  next flight. Or better yet, get a chartered chopper to your luxurious destination in five-star class.


Healix Travel Vaccination

Healix Travel Vaccinations. Are you traveling to exotic destinations in Asia or Africa? If yes, then you have to be aware of these areas having high malaria cases and other diseases which you might be prepared so not to spoil your next great adventure. With the Best iPhone Apps, enjoy your African safari or Himalayan trek without getting sick with diseases unknown in Western countries. All you need is that exotic jaunt meeting different kinds of people, culture, food and weather. No longer has worry of stomach pains or chills due to extreme temperatures as this ultimate iPhone App for travel is up for free downloaded.



Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder. Don’t want to pay excessive international data rates that can be so depressing? Top travel destinations all over the world already has free public Wi-Fi that lets you gain access to all the travel information you might need. One of the Best iPhone Apps for technology driven individuals, Wi-Fi Finder tracks over 200,000 hotspots in more than 135 countries. The only problem now is to distinguish which Wi-Fi hotspot of free or not. In this iPhone App you will no longer worry of missing your loved ones as you can chat with them from the opposite side of the world.



Packing Pro. Best iPhone Apps will show you why you need this App whenever and wherever you travel. Leave those unwanted knickknacks and only bring the essentials. You will never experience paying unreasonable excess baggage fees by using this iPhone App. Check out sample packing lists for couples, backpackers, business travelers and campers. Find over 400 new items out of 800 items including extra items for babies, kids, pets, sports, cooking and religion. This Best iPhone Apps easy navigation between the four main sections like Packing, Catalog, Design and Help are now at the tip of your fingertips.


The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel.  Are you afraid of going into the beach without the sun? Weather Bug and AccuWeather come close in the race for full-featured meteorological apps, but the Weather Channel’s is our best choice for customization and the ability to check out conditions in multiple locations at a glance. This free iPhone App has up to date forecasts for the next five days in over a hundred locations. Never worry of getting wet from an arriving hurricane or heavy snow on your Alps skiing adventure.




Skype. One of the Best iPhone Apps for those who don’t want to spend so much on international calls, the Skype app is a miracle of international communicationeliminating the need for lack of international roaming services from your mobile provider.  As long as you’re connected by Wi-Fi  and not by a data network such as 3G that is very expensive to maintain in other countries, you’ll get free phone calls to any Skype user in the world. And since calls to landlines are a mere 2 cents a minute, you won’t need to shell out for an international call to a helpline if your laptop hiccups or your airline bungles your reservation.


“With the Best iPhone Apps, you’ll never have to worry as you travel to your dream destination!”

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