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Best iPhone Apps for Photographers

Best iPhone Apps

Using the Best iPhone Apps makes lensmen all over the world capture every important moment in their lives with phone cameras.



Photographers, among the most technically inclined people in the world, often rely in Best iPhone Apps to showcase their best stills, edit their latest shoots and improve all that they capture in their cameras. With the advent of digital technology, gone were the days when photography has to be in a studio or with the use of film cameras. Shutterbugs at the moment capture memories of people and places using their digital single lens reflex cameras, point and shoot cameras or even their mobile phones. Using the iPhone, many lens men may use these best iPhone apps we have searched all over the internet to provide quality output and upload it on sites or create aesthetically sound photos that would captivate viewers from across the globe.



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Best Camera.  One of the best iPhone apps that simply lets you shoot, creatively edit and quickly share your photo to the rest of the world. Through the latest iPhone 4, the app has recently been updated to offer multitasking, new filters, customizable filter interface and sharing options. Through its easy to use filters you may edit and customize the photos you take from the iPhone or iPod Touch with a single touch. You can archive the photos using this best iPhone apps too. Possibilities are virtually infinite for every photographer using one of the best iPhone apps for professional photographers and amateurs alike. Now, feeling proud of your captured moments, the Best iPhone apps called Best Camera lets you remix photos and edit them to be ready for uploading to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, SmugMug and other sites. Now show them your eye for composing photos the rest of the world will truly admire.




Magic Shutter. Take pictures like a pro using one of the best iPhone apps in the market. Using the functionality for slow shutter speed, take amazing light spectacles using your phone camera. The application, when used in the darkcan makes your iPhone’s image sensor record light for a longer period of time than normal. Using this exposure setting brightens dark subjects as well as create light trails when taking that breathtaking display of lights in your city at night. Although the app in itself has limited capability and takes some time to fully handle, Magic Shutter takes light trails using very slow shutter speeds to play-up boring photos especially during night time with one of the more useful best iPhone apps.




Camera+. Another big name in the best iPhone apps is Camera+. It displays variety of enhancements to the feature set of the basic camera app. A recent update brought the Clarity filter, a contrast and levels adjustment that greatly improves many casual iPhone pictures with a simple tap. This best of the iPhone apps also give users anti-shake features and the ability to set exposure and focus independently to photos. This best iPhone apps is a free camera app for your iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G and iPod touch to capture photos instantly with some great controls, add cool effects with the option of sharing them in your Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. Promising to do almost everything a camera app possibly could offer, the Camera Plus helps you tasks as simple as photo scheduling and saving it to your camera roll to taking a series of shots in burst mode, changing the brightness and saturation of the best one, and then uploading the altered image to Flickr or any website is on your mind.




Comic Touch. This fun best iPhone apps allows you to add comic speech using text bubbles in your photographs. Using a special camera mode,  you can take photographs and immediately add speech bubbles to give each photo a comic book appeal. Of course, you can also edit existing iPhone photographs from the on-phone picture gallery. In addition to the bubbles, you can also distort the photographs by making them bulge, stretch or even squeezing them. For these and many more features go to the Comic Touch website or download the application from the Apple App Store for $4.99.


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Procamera. Procamera is a nice alternative to Camera Plus. Although more expensive the immediacy of its interface makes you wade through some attractive but unnecessary screens to get to some features. If you’re looking for one of the best iPhone apps to use when you’re whipping your phone out of your pocket to grab a shot quickly, Procamera has the edge among many other iPhone apps for photographers. It also offers an unlinked focus and exposure system and white balance option tohelp you set your color tone.






Filterstorm. A very full-featured suite, Filterstorm is just like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom but only for your trusted iPhone. It’s got all of the basic adjustments but goes no further than necessary. You can’t do any funky texturing or anything and there is a surprising lack of crazy filters for an app called Filterstorm. However, it does provide you cloning tools, selective adjustment through gradients or brushes and fairly effective noise reduction. Just like Adobe Lightroom, this best iPhone apps for Photographers does the basics and does them well. Just to state this one last time, this is not a filtration app, it’s an adjustment app. As it’s a universal app, it works on your iPad as well.





Adobe Photoshop Express. If you want the real thing, the Photoshop name conveys industry standard on the Mac or PC platforms but this is a fairly weak showing at least initially on iOS. Adobe has recently demonstrated a ‘full’ version of Photoshop on the iPad and when that comes all bets are off.Until then, Photoshop Express remains a solid option for those who only need simple image editing only and don’t want to have to pay for an app they only use lightly. It does earn high marks for its interface, which is easily the best looking one of this bunch. Be your own master photo editor using your handy iPhone whenever you feel like photo editing, wherever you are.





PhotoBuddy. One of the best iPhone Apps for Photographers is the all-around photo assistant that would make life easier for you as you take photos. Using several tools in the application, you may calculate sunrise or sunset and even moon phases. The simple yet very useful application also measures distances with the built-in camera of your reliable iPhone.  The app is also one app that helps you solve exposure changes, calculate depth of field and find the maximum distance a flash can light an object using any given aperture. The app also contains a bulb timer allowing users to take long exposures with the iPhone camera.




360 Panorama. Hands down to the best traditional panoramic shooting from all apps on photography you will find on the App Store. This best iPhone apps app allows you to shoot up to 16 photos in horizontal or vertical sets and automatically stitches them together for you. Initially lower res, an update brought the final resolution up to 800×6800. That means that you could easily print a fairly large image of an image shot with Pano.If you’re looking around for a solid option to shoot panoramic images, look no further.






Dynamic Light. Create effects like a professional photographer using one of the best iPhone Apps for Photographers. This is a very cool tool. If you want to give the HDR treatment to an image after it’s already been shot, just pass it through Dynamic Light and crank the dial for the desired amount of punch. It works far better than it has any right to from a single image. The images look very manipulated but if you don’t mind that it can deliver a super cool effect. Now you don’t have to look fr three exposure photos as the app will create the effect for your perfect sunrise or sunset photo or your shot of wonders of the world.


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