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Best iPhone Apps for Australians

“Find the Best iPhone Apps down under.”

Howdy Mate! Believe me when the topic is about Best iPhone Apps. And you should believe me even more if I would say that there is always more to Australia than kangaroos and koalas. And that is why we have gathered essential best iPhone apps every Aussie at heart should have downloaded in their iPhone. This Best iPhone apps guide would make every Australian, who has made the iPhone already part of their lives, gain access to the best iPhone apps that really matter. May it be the weather in Sydney, or the craziest concert in Melbourne or the latest match highlights of the Australian Football League, this guide, although a hundred more Aussie best iPhone apps are out there, would give you lesser time to look for the best iPhone apps all over the internet.

“Whether you’re in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra or anywhere in Australia we’ll share with you the Best iPhone Apps!”

best iphone appsThe Best iPhone Apps 1:  Everguide. Call it your ultimate digital event guide to events in capital cities across the country. From Perth, Brisbane, Darwin Hobart, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney, this best iPhone apps is your one touch source for the latest in music, arts, entertainment. Events such as the Melbourne Winter Festival, Remembrance Day and other festival and nightlife activities to look forward or commemorate. It truly deserves to garner the 2011 Australian Mobile Awards as it lets you find events and plan out your social life. Recently, Everguide has released its new feature that includes Near me which finds the exact geo-location of a user and finds all th events happening in their cities. Other features such as Nearby allows best iPhone apps users to pin point a location anywherearound the country and find out what’s happening there. And what’s more in store? There’s  Real Time Interaction where users can add comments and upload photos to event listings on the fly or live at the concert that you’re attending.

best iphone appsThe Best of iPhone Apps 2: Australian Good Food Guide. This free best iPhone apps give you a wide array of restaurants, accommodation, bars and hole in the walls where you can experience a new kind of high through food. Since 1977, the Australia Good Food and Travel Guide has led many tourists and homegrown Aussies to the best restaurants, accommodations, wineries, providores, bars, attractions and function venues to make your event extra special. Be a food critic using your best iPhone apps by sharing your own reviews and photos of good food the country’s best dining halls offer.  Search for discounts and special offers for the best travel and dining experience down under using this best iPhone apps. It simply does the all the hard work for you. Whether you’re touring your friends from another city or just looking for the best jaunt to bring your loved one, this Best iPhone Apps is definitely for you. Just one touch to the wheel button and the best fine dining experience will be laid out for you. Checkout 25,000++ must visit places they have recommended for you.

best iphone appsThe Best of iPhone Apps 3:TV Guide and Movie Guide Australia. This is the two-in-one app that’s suited for all your TV and cinema choices all across Australia. The Australian TV guide best iPhone apps feature all FTA channels laid out in a grid where you can simply swipe up or down to customize your channel schedule. Never miss popular television shows like the Big Bang Theory, Glee or Australia’s Got Talent. If you’re a little adventurous into trying new shows, full descriptions of shows content and story plot is also featured in the guide. Follow-up your favorite TV shows by setting up reminders and share recommendations through social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. As for the movies, daily session times for Australian cinemas and new releases are regularly updated for your convenience. Coming Soon previews and Box Office Ratings are also just one touch away. The best iPhone apps guide also links you to trailers, IMDB and official websites of movies you shouldn’t miss.

best iphone appsThe Best of  iPhone Apps 4: Metro Melbourne, Metro Brisbane, Metro Perth and Metro Sydney. Get access to trains, buses and ferries in key cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. It’s the complete transportation information in your pocket. Search for alphabetical listings of train, tram, bus or ferry stops in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth and choose your favourites list. Check out the next five stops, updates on traffic situation and alterations, travel duration and timetable and more in this best iPhone apps.  Browse through maps that would aid you in searching for the best public transportation option to reach art galleries and major attractions in these key tourist cities. Find your next five transports for each direction departing by stop or find the closest stop and get direction n how to get to the location you’re heading. Through this user-friendly best iPhone apps, you’ll also  get cancellations of trips and other hassles you may encounter while commuting in key cities across Australia.

best iphone appsThe Best of iPhone Apps 5: Pocket Weather AU Lite.Delivered fresh from databases of Australia’s Bureau of meteorology. This Best iPhone Apps features live radar, push forecasts and observations of hundreds of locations across the nation. Automatically find your local weather using your current location. The last update is always cached so you won’t need a network connection to check weather forecast for the next few days, once you searched it once. Never worry of your iPhone’s data cap as updates are often tiny at 10 kilobytes less. The fully featured version of this best iPhone apps also offers animated rain radars to avoid heavy downpours, synoptic satellite charts, landscape weather view, sunrise or sunset times for planning all your outdoor activities. Tidal information for hundreds of locations across Australia to plan your unforgettable boating, fishing or swimming experience. Now, you don’t have to worry that your clothes doesn’t match the weather since the updated temperature readings would guide you if you should wear your tank top or your jacket on. And the best function of this app, is that, it allows you to customize it just the way you want it by opening straight to your favorite location.

best iphone appsThe Best of iPhone Apps 6: Official AFL. If you’re an avid supporter of the Great Western Sydney Giants, the Brisbane Lions or the Western Bulldogs or the other 15 teams in the Australian Football league. Then, this Best iPhone app is just for you. Once this app is downloaded in your iPhone, you’ll never miss the goal of the week with Video on Demand and Live Match Day Radio gives you easy access to the best plays of the week. Packed with exclusive content, the Official AFL best iPhone apps will give you up-to-date game actions of your favorite teams.   Get exclusive match video highlights, live scores, stats, expert commentary, live radio and all-star lineups right at your fingertips. Customize one of your Best iPhone Apps depending on the club you support to gain quick access to news and information.  Know more about your club’s star player with detailed profiles, match, season, and stats.  Know the latest news from AFL officials, clubs and players updated daily to whet your appetite for amazing football action.

best iphone appsThe Best of iPhone Apps 7: News AU and Australian Newspapers. Gain access to real-time news and information on what’s happening in and out of the country. These Australian news iPhone apps pull in RSS feeds from many different sources with topics ranging from the good news to the bad news. News AU is a versatile, easy to use RSS news reader designed for Australians. By using public RSS from Australian news sites, the application neither make, rewrite, or rebroadcast the news as it pulls it out directly from publisher websites. Meanwhile, Australian newspapers app, gives you access to top Australian papers such as the Herald Sun, Daily telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail, The West Ausralian, Adelaide Now, The Age and a lot more. It’s like having the newspapers you want delivered right to your mobile phone through this Best iPhone Apps.

best iphone appsThe Best of iPhone Apps 8: Whereis. This free Best iPhone apps provide voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation to take you to your destination. The app also helps you find addresses, businesses and places of interest in Australia. You can call the business, get directions and let the free navigation feature take you right there. Locate yourself on the map or search for addresses, places and businesses from Yellow Pages® all from the one search box.Use the quick search panel to drop points of interest on your map such as petrol stations, ATMs, restaurants, car parks, etc. Get directions by driving with or without toll roads option or walking and it will give you the best route.
Because it is Voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation allows you where and when to make a turn using the latest and most up-to-date map data. The app will also automatically re-route you if you take a wrong turn.As this best iPhone apps is Multi-tasking, you can also play music while you’re navigating.

best iphone appsThe Best of iPhone Apps 9: Aussie Slang Dictionary. Living in Australia doesn’t mean you know most of the words used in a dynamic multicultural English we speak. Most of Australians need some brushing up on Aussie slang, too. Unique and pure Australian slang iPhone application always will be always useful under your fingers. The best iPhone Apps feature more than 700 phrases used in Australia daily.
Creators of this app claim the language spoken in Australia surprises other people no-end. Shock your friends with your new English-language knowledge, or just use it in situations you can’t follow what Aboriginals or Aussies are trying to tell you. It’s a great app and highly recommended, especially for people who are traveling to Australia. It’s a great way to learn some of the local slang, and to sound more like an Aussie! Made 100% in Australia!

best iphone appsThe Best of  iPhone of Apps 10:  The Big Australian Quiz.Download a patriotic game and be a full blooded Aussie at heart.  Know more of our country’s unique culture and heritage. From geography, destinations, inhabitants, politics, government, culture and entertainment. Questions would truly determine how smart you are in everything Australian. Show your thick mates how smart you are by answering average to difficult questions with user-friendly interface of this best iPhone apps and graphics that will engage you while waiting for your stop in the bus or simply pass the time. The Big Australian Quiz has a ton of professionally written questions on a range of fascinating topics race against the clock to get the best score you can, or challenge your friends. Show them how Australian you are with this Best iPhone Apps!

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